Hi, my name is Sam Lewry and if I had to pick just a few words to describe what I love to do the most it would be…

To design and make things

I was going to plan this site a little more, but then I thought… Meh… it will never happen. So in the spirit of creativity I decided to just make the new one up as I go along.

All that proper planning and SEO stuff I know I am supposed to do¬†with websites (yes I can do it… thank you MV)… well it just makes me want to sit in the corner rocking, no doubt Google will punish me for not setting up proper redirects etc, but I figure since it’s just for me it’s ok to just hang out in my own quiet corner of the interweb for a while. I shall look forward to the countless approaches by marketing companies telling me how badly my website is performing and how they can help me succeed if I spend money with them.

If by some miracle you have actually stumbled upon this page, then hello you… hello world.