Once upon a time I would have run for the hills if someone showed me a page of code.
Luckily things have changed… a little…

While I am no super geek, after finishing a diploma course at EIT back in 2011, I have become semi geek and can build and maintain basic websites. Mostly these days though, I prefer to focus on my art work, however my arm has been twisted from time to time if it’s for a good cause or project. I usually only charge for design elements and content input, and prefer to work with people who are keen to learn how to do as much as possible for themselves.

Apart from the design part, website building is not my favourite thing to do, too much time in front of a computer is just not good for me… so if you are still not put off, the main criteria for saying yes to any new website builds are as follows:

  • Are you a good egg?
  • Do our senses of humour align?
  • Is it a wickedly awesome cause/project?

A few sites